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Auditing and Certification Platform

A digital platform for facilitating inspections, audits and certifications.


Maintaining compliance for industry certifications of large scale production processes and infrastructure can prove to be challenging. Our auditing and certification platform facilitates audits in order to harmonize standards and assure quality control. We aid organizations by navigating through complex regulations and operational procedures to provide a digital process tailored to the business domain

Inspection Planning

Plan and execute holistic facility audits with steady and comprehensive collaboration/coordination between certified auditors and customers.
certified auditors and customers

Standardized Reporting

Generate swift and extensive reports based on standardized as well as customizable templates to maintain documentation required to attain industry certifications.

Conformity Assurance

Ensure quality control across multiple sites by recording nonconformities and inconsistencies in relation to market standards in addition assigning key personnel to administer and monitor remedial actions.

Review and Insights

Assess and evaluate performance of fundamental indicators with the aid of interactive analytics generated with specific business needs and objectives in mind.

Data Collection

Effortlessly collect visuals and data on site using mobile applications enabled with offline information collection capabilities and online syncing designed with customized questionnaires to inspect crucial operations.

Compliance Management

Monitor all local and foreign production facilities from one centralized platform in order to maintain operational processes relating to certification status.

The Process

Customer Onboarding

Onboard clients into the platform to collaborate on auditing projects.

Project Setup

Plan and prepare the scope of your project with required information and documents.

Schedule Audits

Plan your schedule for facility visits in advance to notify concerned personnel.

On-Site Inspection

Collect data on site using the mobile application with real-time sync and offline capabilities.

Analysis and Reporting

Prepare audit reports based on collected data with customizable template.


Declare certification status based on on-site inspections using 6-eye principle.

Industries we serve


Deutsche Bahn AG
S-Cert AG
BG Consulting Engineers

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